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Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Machine for Sciatica and Fibromyalgia

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In recent years, deep tissue laser therapy machine has been widely used to relieve pain which is caused by different kinds of problems such as arthritis, muscle damage, inflammation and so on. It has been successfully used by doctors on thousands of patients who suffered from various acute and chronic conditions for relieving pain and enhancing healing process.

What is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

Deep tissue laser therapy is a new non-invasive pain management technology which can reduce pain without common surgery and drug therapy. Under the effect of photobiomodulation, the light of Class IV Therapeutic Laser can pass through the skin layers and reach the deep affected tissue, then the laser light energy can be absorbed by cells and trigger a series of biological reaction, resulting in a decrease in pain, inflammation, edema and etc.

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Features and Functions of Dimed Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Machine

For deep tissue laser therapy, we recommend the Cherylas which is a high-performance and high-power medical laser machine which is suitable for various deep tissue therapy treatment requirements. Comparing with similar products of other brands, Cherylas medical laser is more powerful in both software and hardware:

- Made with German diode and German laser technology

- Optimal wavelengths such as 650nm, 810nm and 980nm which are suitable for deep tissue laser treatment

- Built-in expert treatment protocols with multiple operating modes

- Large sensitive touch screen with intuitive interactive user interface

- 0.1W to 60W power levels

- Providing a full range of accessories: safety goggles, bare fiber, handpieces...

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What Types of Pain Can Be Treated via Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Method?

The Class IV deep tissue laser therapy machine manufactured by Dimed Laser can relieve pain for patients who suffer from a wide range of conditions, such as:

1. Sports injuries

2. Pulled muscles

3. Tendonitis

4. Shin Splints

5. Tennis Elbow

6. Back Pain

7. Neck Pain

8. Arthritis

9. Plantar Fasciitis

10. Jaw Pain

11. Painful Scars

12. Knee pain

13. Fibromyalgia

14. Sciatica…

How Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Machine Eliminates Pain?

During the deep tissue laser therapy process, doctors use Class IV therapy laser of 810nm or 650nm for pain management. Under the irradiation to treated parts such as neck, the laser beam can penetrate the skin and reach the deep damaged cells.

The gene expression profiles of human fibroblasts irradiated by high intensity red light show that the irradiation can affect the expression of many genes that belong to different function categories. Irradiation of Class IV stimulates cell growth directly through regulation of the expression of genes related to cell proliferation and indirectly through regulation of the expression of genes related to cell migration and remodeling, DNA synthesis and repair, ion channel and membrane potential, and cell metabolism. Irradiation by red light also enhances cell proliferation by suppression of cell apoptosis. Under the biostimulation and photomechanical effect, the goal of deep laser therapy is to stimulate the cell to perform its own functions naturally such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, convergence wound, desensitization and etc.

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Unique Advantages of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in Pain Management

Comparing with traditional treatment methods like surgery and drug treatment, the deep tissue laser therapy has some unparalleled advantages:

1. Reduce pain without known side effects

2. No pain during treatment

3. No drug, non-toxic

4. Non-surgery

5. Non-invasive treatment

6. Enhance the physical function of body

7. Easy to use for doctors

8. Available for treating various acute and chronic pain

9. Fast treatment and do not affect normal life

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About Dimed Laser Technology

Dimed Laser is one of the leading manufacturers of medical laser with products covering Class IV deep tissue laser therapy machine, veterinary lasers, PLDD lasers, EVLT lasers, ENT lasers and etc. which are widely used in both surgery and physiotherapy field. Its products are designed with easy-to-use user interface with powerful treatment protocols suitable a multitude of clinical conditions.