Do you feel pain in your heel after walking or standing for a long time? Do you feel very painful in your planta when you get up in the morning? If your answer is “Yes”, then you have to pay attention to it, it is likely to be plantar fasciitis! Hereof, we will discuss about the causes of plantar fasciitis and one effective treatment solution – laser therapy for plantar fasciitis.

I. What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick ligamentous tissue that connects the calcaneus and phalanges across the foot. The muscles of the soles are subjected to external force violence or long walks, causing local muscle strain to cause local fascia inflammation, which is local pain, and the pain is the heaviest when walking. The most common symptoms are pain and discomfort in the heel. The tender point is often near the heel of the foot, and sometimes the tenderness is severe and persists.
The pain caused by plantar fasciitis often occurs when you walk up in the morning. After a while, the pain will generally be reduced, but it will increase when standing for a long time or standing up after long-time sedentary.

plantar fasciitis laser treatment

II. What Are The Causes Of Plantar Fasciitis?

Acute or chronic damage to the plantar fascia is the main cause of pain due to the long-term overload stress. The causes of plantar fasciitis are as follows:
1) Obesity or weight gain is tool fast
2) Wrong choice of shoes
3) Flat foot
4) High arch
5) Trauma
6) Calf muscle tension
7) Intense sports such as hiking, running and etc.
8) Long time standing during work

laser for plantar fasciitis

III. Laser Therapy For Plantar Fasciitis

If you have tried various kinds of methods such as stretching heel, icing heel, foot massage, meditation and etc. to treat plantar fasciitis, but nothing worked, then laser therapy is definitely an ideal solution for you.
Laser is an array of intense and focused light which can be used as a powerful medical tool for pain management under the operation of sophisticated doctors. Nowadays, laser therapy(FDA cleared) has already become an effective way for podiatrists to treat plantar fasciitis, as the plantar fasciitis laser therapy process is surgery-free, non-invasive and drug-free with obvious therapeutic effects.
The laser light can penetrate several inches into the deep tissue and stimulate healing by photobiostimulation. Photons stimulate the cells and increase cellular metabolism, thus accelerating the cellular repair and healing process. The photons help to reduce inflammation, destimulate pain receptors and nerves, thus relieving pain of plantar fasciitis.

IV. Benefits Of Laser Therapy For Plantar Fasciitis

Comparing with other tradtional methods of treating plantar fasciitis, the laser therapy demonstrates better improvements in all parameters such as tissues healing, pain relief, immunity and etc.:
1) Effectively enhance cell metabolism and protein synthesis
2) Trigger an immune response and enhance healing process
3) Reduce fascia inflammation
4) Effectively relieve pain of heel
5) No surgery, fast recovery time…

biological benefits of class 4 laser therapy

V. High Level Laser Therapy VS Low Level Laser Theapy In Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

High level laser therapy is also called as HILT, low level laser therapy is also called as LLLT. When it comes to plantar fasciitis laser treatment, the high level laser therapy has incomparable advantages:

  • Class IV high level lasers allow contact-free therapy while lower level lasers have to contact the skin directly.
  • Class IV high level lasers can penetrate deeply into the tissue while the Class III low level lasers can only penetrate into very shallow tissue, so the Class IV high level laser has better absorption and penetration during plantar fasciitis treatment.
  • Class IV high level lasers have continuous power density while the power of Class III low level lasers is pulsed or modulated approximately 50%.
  • During laser therapy process for plantar fasciitis, the treatment time of low level laser is longer than the high power laser, as the high-powered laser can deliver therapeutic doses to deep targets more efficiently…

VI. Trustworthy Laser For Plantar Fasciitis Therapy – Dimed Class IV Therapy Laser

If you are selecting high level laser for plantar fasciitis treatment, please be careful as the laser therapy equipments of different bands or different models have great differences in wavelength, power level, pulse speeds and therapeutic effect.

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Hereof, I recommend the Dimed Class 4 Therapy Laser which has already been successfully applied in many countries such as the United States, Canada, India and etc. for pain management and tissue healing treatment. Except plantar fasciitis, our high power Class IV laser can also be used to treat other foot and ankle problems such as neuropathy, heel pain, achilles tendonitis, foot arthritis and etc. For more information about plantar fasciitis therapy laser equipment, please drop us a line via Email – or go to podiatry laser for more details.