More and more people suffer from neck pain due to long hours of desk work, computer use, sleep with high pillow, long-time driving and the effects of multiple diseases. In this post, we will discuss the neck pain issues, including neck pain causes, precautions and effective treatment method – laser therapy treatment for neck pain with medical diode laser.


What Are The Causes Of Neck Pain?

As a report shows, approximately 10% of the people suffer from neck pain and 14% of adults have recurrent or chronic neck pain. In Quebec, the annual prevalence of neck pain in the working population is close to 43%, and men are close to 54%. Obviously, neck pain has already become a common disease of humans. There are many reasons of neck pain, and the principles of various neck pains are also different. Below are the several common reasons:

1. Cervical spondylosis

Due to long-time desk work, computer use, long driving and etc., the cervical vertebrae undergo degenerative changes. When the cervical vertebrae degenerate to a certain extent, it will cause cervical vertebra hyperplasia and cervical disc herniation. Bone hyperplasia and intervertebral disc herniation to the neck nerves, muscles, ligaments, etc. can cause neck pain.


2. Neck muscle strain

Cervical muscle strain is also called cervical fibromyositis, which is caused by repeated acute and chronic damage to the soft tissue of the neck, resulting in traumatic aseptic inflammation and pain in the neck muscle.

3. Neck trauma

There are many reasons for cervical spine trauma, such as car accidents, falls, impacts, etc., and neck pain caused by damage to neck muscles, bones, etc.

4. Stiff neck

This is caused by a misalignment of the facet joints of the cervical vertebrae. When the neck is sprained, or the sleeping posture is incorrect, or it is suddenly invaded by the wind, cold and dampness, the neck joint is misplaced, causing neck pain. This kind of pain is mostly a sudden onset, the pain is aggravated when the neck rotates.

Effective Therapy Treatment For Lack Pain With Diode Laser

“Laser drive technology allows penetration to deep tissues or more superficial tissue promoting acceleration of healing by reducing pain and inflammation while staying below the Maximal Permissible Exposure tolerance for tissue. Because of the relative ease of producing semiconductor diodes and the relative ability of infrared light to penetrate biological tissues, infrared lasers (GaAs; GaAlAs) are most often used clinically to treat musculoskeletal conditions involving structures located deep within the joint.” – selected from report – Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Neck Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression.


Laser therapy treatment reduces pain by sensory neurons that prevent painful stimuli (anti-nociceptive effects), reduces inflammation by removing inflammatory markers, and reduces muscle spasms. It also removes peripheral nerve root swelling by improving lymphatic drainage and stimulating tissue repair and wound healing by initiating fibroblast activity, increasing collagen production, and angiogenesis.

Dimed Class IV physiotherapy laser equipment uses GaAIAs diode laser, providing 810nm, 980nm, 1064nm and other wavelength options. It has an elegant design with a sensitive high-resolution touch screen interface for doctors to use. The Class IV therapy laser equipment of Dimed Laser has been widely used in clinical treatment, such as deep tissue physiotherapy, arthritis, tennis elbow, herniated discs, stiff joints, neck pain, muscle pain and so on.

Currently, Berylas medical laser equipment has been used by physical physiotherapists for the treatment of neck pain in different countries. The laser therapy of neck pain is a non-invasive, non-toxic, non-bleeding and non-side-effect treatment. According to the customer feedback, Berylas diode laser has significant advantages for neck pain treatment:

– Reduce pain intensity

– Reduce disability

– Reduce the reccurrence of acute neck pain

– Average pain intensity reduced by 20mm compared with placebo

How To Prevent Neck Pain In Daily Life?

1. Choose a proper pillow for sleep which is not too high, tool hard or too flat.

2. Please avoid and reduce acute injuries, such as to avoid lifting heavy objects and emergency brakes.

3. Prevent cold and damp. Coldness causes local blood vessels to contract, blood flow is reduced, hindering tissue metabolism and waste removal, and moisture hinders skin evaporation.


4. Correct bad posture and reduce strain. You need to do neck activities to reduce muscle tension every 1 or 2 hours. To prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis, the most important thing is to improve the sitting posture, and when you are working hard, you can also do shoulder and neck movements intermittently.

5. Adjust the living habits. After 1-hour of desk work, please stand up and exercise for 5 minutes, or relax by yourself, avoiding tension in the neck muscles due to long-term posture fixation.

The greatest capital in life is health, so if you got a neck pain, please take care and consult a doctor immediately. If you are a doctor or distributor seeking for neck pain laser, welcome to contact us as we provide high-quality diode laser for neck pain therapy treatment!