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Use of laser for Dacrocystorhinostomy

Objective: To compare outcomes between conventional external dacrocystorhinostomy (ext DCR) and endonasal laser-assisted DCR (ELADCR).


Design: Prospective randomized trial.


Patients: The study included 210 consecutive patients (244 eyes) referred to hospital eye and ear, nose, and throat clinics.


Main Outcome Measures: Success rates and complications of ext DCR and ELADCR were compared after lacrimal ducts requiring DCR were randomly chosen and divided into 2 groups (ext DCR and ELADCR).


Results: The success rate was statistically equal in both groups (92.4% for extDCRand 94.2% for ELADCR); however, morbidity (eg, intraoperative hemorrhage and wound scar) and operation time were less in the ELADCR group. 


Conclusion: Preoperative patient consultation for selection of the surgical modality may help select the procedure of choice for each patient with regard to aesthetics, anesthesia, operation time, and costs.

Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2007;133:340-343...

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