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Diode laser-An ideal option for treatment of Gingival hyperpigmentation

Gingival hyperpigmentation are major concerns for a large number of patients visiting the dentist. Melanin hyperpigmentation usually does not present a medical problem, but patients usually complain of dark gums as unesthetic. Pigmentation of gingiva is commonly caused by deposition of melanin in the basal layer of oral epithelium. Gingival melanin pigmentation may be seen across all the races and at any age without gender predilection. This case report describes the application of semi conductor diode laser procedure for gingival depigmentation.

. Keywords: Depigmentation, Laser, Melanin, Hyperpigmentation.

. How to cite this article: Saini R, Pazinatto FB, Radnai M.

. Diode Laser: An Ideal Option for Treatment of Gingival Hyperpigmentation. Int J Experiment Dent Sci 2013;2(2): 139-140.
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Melanin pigmentation of the gingiva occur in all races.

1. Melanin, a brown pigment, is the most common cause of endogenous pigmentation of gingiva and is the most predominant pigmentation of mucosa.

2. Gingival hyperpigmentation is seen as a genetic trait in some populations and is more appropriately termed physiologic or racial gingival pigmentation. Although pigmentation of the gingival is completely a benign condition, is an esthetic problem in many individuals. Gingival depigmentation is a periodontal plastic surgical procedure whereby the gingival hyperpigmentation is removed or reduced by various techniques. The first and foremost indication for depigmentation is patient demand for improved esthetics. Various depigmentation techniques have been illustrated in Table 1. This article illustrates managing gingival pigmentation with diode laser therapy...

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