Dogs are important members of our family. As dogs spend more and more time with us, dogs are getting older, just like humans, they may suffer from various diseases. Joint disease is one of the most common diseases in dog’s life, once a dog suffers from this disease, it will be painful. According to a survey, 1 out of 5 adult dogs has arthritis and rises with age, and almost half of the cases occur in large and medium-sized dogs. For example, Demu, Lovina, Labrador and Golden Retriever have a particularly high risk, and are often found in smaller Shetland Sheepdogs and Teddy. In this post, we will discuss about what are the symptoms of dog arthritis, how to prevent it and how to treat arthritis in dogs.


I. The Causes Of Arthritis In Dogs

1. Vitamins and calcium are not given to dogs during puppies. The lack of nutrients during development is likely to cause arthritis in dogs.

2. The amount of exercise is too large, dogs and humans are the same, joint friction for a long time will also form a problem such as bone spurs, especially when we train the dog often stand up, the joint damage to the dog is very large .

3. Obesity is also an important factor affecting the normal development of the dog’s joints, excessive weight will cause great pressure on the dog joints.

4. Living in a humid environment for a long time.

It should be noted that large dogs and some lively & active dogs have a much higher joint problem than other dogs.


II. The Symptoms Of Dog Arthritis

1. After the dog wakes up, the activity is always stiff and it takes a long time to return to normal.

2. The claw joints are fat, swollen, and painful when touched.

3. It is difficult to stand up or kneel down

4. Hesitant when jumping, running, and climbing stairs

5. Suddenly become violent and temperamental

If you find that the dog has above abnormal conditions, please observe more frequently to find out the reason for timely treatment.


II. Precautions For Dogs After Arthritis

Once a dog has arthritis, there are several points that we need pay attention to:

1. Dogs suffering from arthritis can’t feed too much cereal, need to supplement glucosamine and rich minerals including trace elements.

2. There are many dogs suffering from arthritis because of the humid environment or the weather, so we should lay some blankets where the dog sleeps, especially in the winter.

3. Do not take the dog to climb the stairs, or stand, it can exercise properly, but must be appropriate, can not exercise vigorously!

4. We can give the dog regular massage, helping pain relief.

IV. How To Treat Arthritis In Dogs?

1. Medication for Dog Arthritis

For the arthritis of dogs, we can choose the symptomatic medicine for anti-inflammatory treatment, relieve the pain of the dog, eliminate the joint inflammation and increase the extreme activity ability. It is recommeded to go to a professional pet hospital for medical treatment.

2. Laser Treatment for Dogs Arthritis

Laser therapy is a safe, painless, surgery-free arthritis treatment method for pets and humans which can reduce inflammation and pain. By using professional pet therapy laser equipment, its laser of specific wavelength has anti-inflammation, pain relief and vasodilatation uses. The laser beam sequentially illuminates the affected area from several orientations. The laser machine for dogs arthritis treatment can reach deeper parts of the muscle layer, tendons and ligaments, stimulate the cellular activities of the ligaments, cartilage and joints to take advantage of the body’s own healing power to produce healthier tissues.


The laser is delivered through a non-invasive mobile phone to treat the affected area. During the treatment, the dog feels gentle and soothing, just like experiencing the massage, which makes the dog very relaxed and has no side effects. According to statistics, after using a professional medical diode laser to irradiate the arthritis site for a period of time, the inflammation of the injured joint of the dog will disappear or the pain will be relieved, and it becomes more flexible, which can temporarily stop the inflammation of the joint, thus the arthritis of dog can be alleviated and cured gradually.

After reading this article, have you get some useful points about how to treat arthritis in dogs and pets? Please drop us a line if you have any question about us. We provide laser for dogs arthritis treatment, welcome inquiry!