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Therapy Handpiece (30mm)

Ideal for temporary relief of pain.

  • 30mm diameter treatment spot size
  • Aluminum/ Silver metal compensation
Standard Therapy Handpiece (15mm/ 20mm/ 25mm/ 30mm)

Advanced Therapy Handpiece (ATH) designed to provide maximum therapeutic treatment and outcomes.

  • Adjustable spot sizes: 15mm/ 20mm/ 25mm/ 30mm
  • Aluminum/ Silver metal compensation
  • Disposable massage tips to prevent infection
ENT Handpiece

The system uses our full range of bendable tips for better access to all areas and all surgical indications for ear, nose and throat.

  • Includes 7 different tips for different application: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
Dental Handpiece
  • 1pc bleaching handpiece, bleaching handpiece for teeth bleaching consist of whitening handpiece and bare fiber, contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth consistently and comfortably.
  • 1pc Bio-stimulation therapy handpiece, can be applied in wound therapy to speed up the wound healing, prevent infection and relieve the pain.
  • 1pc surgery handpiece with disposable tips, allow more control and flexibility during treatment. Available in surgery, periodontology and endodontics.
Focus Therapy Handpiece
  • Spot diameter: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm
  • This therapy handpiece is ideal for non – invasive treatments. It comes with a standard SMA905 connector for easy insertion into any Dimed Laser System model, Special with 532nm, 810nm and 940nm for spider vein.
Nail Fungus Handpiece
  • With different spot diameter: 4mm, 6mm
  • With a protective sheathed fiber optic cable.
Bare Fiber

Our optical fibers are made of silica and provide a wide wavelength range, good optical transparency, excellent high temperature resistant, low absorption and reduced scattering losses. These features make it ideal for use in surgical lasers.

  • Available in multiple types: 200um, 400um, 600um, 800um
  • Fiber length: 3m
  • Sterile (EO) packaging
Safety Goggles
  • Soft Body Conforms to Facial Characteristics.
  • Wide Angle Lenses Provide Excellent Peripheral Vision
  • Designed to Fit Over Prescription Eyewear
  • Stylish, Comfortable, Lightweight Eyewear
  • The Glasses Frame can be Telescopic
  • Conforms Closely to Forehead which Prevents Laser Radiation from Entering the Top and Sides
  • CE Certified
Foot Switch
  • Medical grade foot activated switch is in line with the common technical requirements of IEC60601-1 standard.
  • Anti-oil, water-proof, dust-proof rating of IP68, in line with the standards IEC/EN60529.
  • Maximum protection against unintentional actuation at minimum dimensions.
  • High mechanical stability.
  • Non-contact switching systems.
  • Reed contacts for low currents.
  • Digital or analogue output signals.
  • Class AP.
  • Plug-in connector.
  • Pressure point.
  • Special labels.

The Interlock refers to a hardware device which, when activated, will immediately reduce the laser emission below MPE levels.

  • Mechanism: push-pull connection
  • Insulation Resistance: >5000MΩ

  • Environmental Temperature Range: -50°C~+125°C
  • Usage: 5000 times for connection and separation
  • Size: 38mm length x 9mm diameter, 4 pins connector

Multi-pith, small-sized, push-pull connection and screened electrical connector. With nicety in appearance, can be used for some industrial fields, such as communication, electronics and medical equipments and it is specially suited for electrical connectors in some instruments and equipments which should be screened and be connected and separated frequently.

Optical Fiber Stripper

Fast, Reliable Fiber Stripping tools to provide a quick, easy, and reliable way to remove the buffer from an optical fiber in preparation for use.

The fiber guide and matched blades ensure that the optical fiber is correctly positioned and stripped each time.

The textured rubber material of this gripper provides a secure hold without damaging the fiber when removing the buffer from an optical fiber.

  • Strips coating/ Buffer up to 2350 um
  • Color-Coded Blades are Long-Lasting and Swappable
  • Foolproof, No-Nick Design
Optical Fiber Cleaver (Pen)

The Optical Fiber Cleaver uses a special designed carbon steel blade for easy, manual cleaving of fiber surfaces. This tool is used with the “scratch and pull” technique. First the fiber is scribed perpendicular to its length, then the fiber is pulled, which breaks at the scribe.

  • Length: 135mm.
  • Blade width: 6mm
  • Blade composition: Carbon steel
  • Fiber types: 200-800um, bare fiber
  • Non - slip grip
Professional Cart

Make Your Laser Transportable
Move your laser wherever it is needed. Our budget friendly mobile carts allow the laser to be protected as it is moved around for use. It provides a central location for storage of eye safety goggles. Designed to be simple and rugged, these carts stand up to constant use.

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