Spider Veins
Spider veins (also known as thread veins, telengiectasia or broken veins) are the small yet unsightly clusters of pink and purple thread like veins that lie near the surface of the skin. They are commonly found in the leg but they can also appear in the face and other parts of the body. Laser therapy can be considered a first line approach for superficial, fine caliber spider vein and laser therapy is an excellent option for patients who are fearful of needles of sclerotherapy.


Lasers have been used for numerous medical applications throughout the body, Berylas laser in a repetitive pulse with an optical fiber ( core size 600 µm) ending with a hand piece (probe) were used to treat the spider veins in a (non contact) technique of (2mm) away from the skin. The tip of optical fiber was held perpendicular to the skin and moved in a low speed at a rate of (1cm/min). The total exposure time for each patient was entirely dependent on the length of spider veins under treatment.
High absorption 532 nm treatments are preferred for smaller and more superficial vessels. Superficial and small-diameter vessels are most selectively treated with wavelengths that are strongly absorbed by oxyhemoglobin as the vessels can be heated to clinical response temperatures with minimal incident energy. However, high oxyhemoglobin absorption can limit the depth to which laser light penetrates into skin, making it difficult to treat large or deep vessels with these wavelengths.

Moderate absorption 940 nm treatments are preferred for larger and deeper vessels. Less strongly absorbed wavelengths penetrate more deeply, and can more uniformly heat through larger diameter vessels. Higher fluences are used to overcome the lower absorption coefficient and successful treatments can be achieved with good selectivity. Of the near infrared wavelengths, 940 nm is optimal since it has the highest oxyhemoglobin absorption coefficient for improved selectivity, reduced discomfort, and fewer side effects.



  • Vascualr lesions
  • Proliferative lesion
  • Age spots and sun spots
  • Spider veins
  • Linear angitelectasis
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Rosacea
  • Complete: pulsed laser can penetrate deep into the skin vascular tissue, stimulate the laser beam is absorbed by hemoglobin, let hemoglobin solidify, make vascular tissue closed, completely achieve perfect spider vein removal.
  • No scars: intelligently identify skin lesions, there isn’t any impact on the normal skin tissue during the whole treatment, its non-invasive physical therapy, there will be no cut on the skin, combines with proper post-long care , will almost no scarring.
  • Fast and easy: only twenty minutes can finish one treatment, 
  • Immediate result: After the laser treatment, large blood vessels will become smaller lighter, smaller vessels will disappear directly, the treatment effect is very significant.

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